Saturday, September 14, 2019

Interviews: Scott Kirkland / The Crystal Method, BT, Richard Devine, Jared Dines, Jason Blakemore, and more!

We have been video recording some amazing musicians lately! 
We will soon be posting interview with BT and Richard Devine! 

You can see them at this channel here: 

You can also read our current written interviews over at: 

If you missed it, there are now video interviews with:
  • Scott Kirkland / The Crystal Method with Azlan
  • Jared Dines and Hillary Lyle at the Blue Microphones booth
  • Jason Blakemore (DJ Trance)
  • David Royer's 20th Year at NAMM (Royer Labs and Mojave Audio)
  • Abe Mora (VidelaMora), Ron S / Anode Records
  • Sic Waiting (Jared Stinson and Daniel Bubert)
  • Joey Cortijo / Glowing Pizza / Madison Falls
  • CHOFF and HEXR
  • Matt Hill / Like Minded
  • Michael Vegh
  • Pynk Le'Monade
  • Bryce Xavier
  • Ben Webster / TriiTribe & Cameron (Cass) Wasacz / ProLux Entertainment
  • C L L C T D music