Friday, December 25, 2015

Vocal Hazard Pack Volume III Is Released - Happy Holidays!

We have just released our 3rd free sample pack! It is free for you to download and use for your productions! Happy Holidays!

Download it here:

Listen to an audio demo of some of the sounds:

What are these for?
  • Music projects
    Sound design
    Radio / Podcasts
    Video Games
    Film / TV
    Whatever you want to use them for.

Technical stuff:

The sounds in this library are provided for free under the CC-BY license.
Readable summary:
There is only one exception. These sounds may NOT be sold individually inside of another sound library. THEY ARE NEVER TO BE SOLD IN ANY SAMPLE LIBRARIES.
Get Volume I
Direct download:

Direct download:…
Audio examples: Volterock – Vocal-hazard-pack-volume-2-demo-free-download-in-description

For more information about this library, read the, "READ ME" file in the sample pack. 


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